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Miracles really do happen!

So today was it, D-Day, the day that the school places are advised and guess what, I am literally bouncing around like Tigger as by some complete miracle K got into school number…. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had pretty much written off any chance of us getting into our catchment school as those of you who have … Continue reading

School Place Stress

September will see a big shift in the Briggs household as K will be starting school.  This is another of those moments when I wonder how we got here already, but to be perfectly honest, he is so ready to go that I know he will be absolutely fine and so I am not really … Continue reading

The joy of turning 4

So this week sees my No1 child and only son K turn four.  Now firstly, 4, already, where on earth did that time go?? It feels like only yesterday that he made his unexpected and slightly traumatic arrival three weeks early, sending shockwaves through our lives and changing it so dramatically it quite frankly felt … Continue reading