Why you should all #blogitforbabies too

Never one to do anything half heartedly, I seem to have thrown myself into the deep end of the blogging world (well, sort of, ish), and so I find myself writing this post on #blogitforbabies

Now, in case you’ve not yet come across #blogitforbabies, and I hope that some of you haven’t as to spread the word about this fantastic campaign is of course the point of this post(!), you will be wondering what it’s all about, so here’s the gen..

In Bangladesh 1 in 19 children do not get to see their fifth birthday due to limited access to healthcare. This leads to totally preventable illnesses such a diarrhoea claiming children’s lives.

Save The Children want to raise £1 million to build clinics that will save children’s lives in some of the poorest most remote areas of Bangladesh. To read more about Save The Children’s Build if for Babies campaign and how you can get involved and donate please click here.

1 in 19 children, that is a scary statistic. Now neither of my lovely little monkeys have reached age 5 yet but here, in the UK we take it for granted that they will. Imagine for a minute if you had to live with doubt in your mind for the first five years of your childs life… that’s a feeling that no mother should ever have to go through.

Starting today the lovely Annie from mammasaurus is setting of on a blogging adventure around the country and all being well, some blogger friends and I will be joining in the fun in a couple of days time.

So, what do I want from you lovely people?? Well, perhaps you would be so kind as to pop on over to Just Giving and sponsor Annie a few pennies for making a fool of herself? Or text the code XVRL71 £1 to 70070 to donate £1.

Just £29 can buy a baby resuscitation kit to deliver vital oxygen to babies born with breathing difficulties.

But what else, how can you really feel that you’re making a difference, what else could you do? You could help spread the word, share this post, RT on Twitter, post it on your facebook wall, make people aware of this amazing cause and help Save the Children Build it for Babies.


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