Just a word or two at a time…

There is one thing that is making me smile quite a lot lately and I thought I would share it as it might make a few of you smile too.

E is just over 18 months old now and she is at that wonderful stage where new words just randomly fall out of her mouth.  Though her vocabulary is still somewhat limited, and there are some words which are completely unrecognisable to anyone but us she has even started to string some words together now, my personal favourite being “deady; seady; go” for one of our favourite games.

Now she has a strong personality my youngest (possibly something to do with the red hair) and she has had no problem in getting her opinion across even without the ability to talk (it’s amazing what a bit of hand holding, dragging and pointing can get you!) but now that she’s got her own little voice and can start to communicate with the world properly her little personality is taking another little step forward and it is a joy to see.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt in my mind that before long I will be eating my words and wishing that she would just stop talking!! But for now, every, “Mummy”, “Dank you” or “Nun Nut” is a little ray of sunshine that brightens my day!


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