A perfect package from Pedlars

Last week my goodies from @PedlarsWorld arrived and I thought I would share them with you and also an example of some fantastic customer service!

I wasn’t aware of Pedlars until I read a blog post about them from the gorgeous @mummybarrow.  Having had a little nose around their website I soon realised that they have lots of lovely things and concluded that how I had gone this long without knowing of them was really a bit of a worry.

Anyway, on her blog, she just so happened to be running a little competition to win some vouchers for Pedlars and even though I don’t normally go in for these kinds of competitions (yeah, I know, that’s what they all say) I had, what I thought was a fantastic response to her challenge so posted my comment on her blog.

A week later and there was me, the one who never wins anything (mainly because I don’t enter) the lucky recipient of £30 of Pedlars vouchers. So firstly a big thank you to Mummy Barrow for that!

Now, you know what it’s like, when you’ve money to spend, you can never find anything to spend it on, and although there was a lovely satchel bag calling me to buy it from the Pedlars website, my purse couldn’t quite stretch to making up the difference so the vouchers have been burning a hole in my inbox for a few weeks now, until the new stock arrived and I found this (sorry about the quality of the piccies, there are better ones on their website, www.pedlars.co.uk):

My new mug, it’s basically a list of loads of my favourite foods (and a few that would never pass my lips, but I can get over that!) printed all around a mug, and I immediately LOVED it.

And this, this is Mr B’s new mug, though I pretty much chose if for him as some tiny nod to this year’s Jubilee – isn’t that what you’re supposed to do for these Royal occasions?  Buy a mug??  And this one raises a smile – chin chin!

I am quite specific about my mugs, nothing too delicate, needs a bit of weight to it, and these deliver on both counts, the only downside is (and this is a particular comment of Mr B, the coffee fiend) that they don’t hold quite enough – though, to be honest, the last bit of tea is still hot when I get to it, unlike in most of our mugs, so maybe that is in fact a good thing!

Finally there was the thing that Mr B had been after since before the vouchers arrived and will shortly be adorning the wall in our garden directly next to his pride and joy, the BBQ.

Also in the parcel was this:

Now just in case you can’t see it on the picture, this is the business card for the Customer Services Director at Pedlars and a little card signed by the person who packed my parcel – nice touch!

Unfortunately when I received my first parcel one of the mugs was damaged as it had a chip in the rim, but (and here come the excellent customer service bit) two tweets and a quick e-mail and another one was with me in a couple of days! No messing around returning the damaged item with annoying trips to the post office like with some online retailers, it just appeared, just like that!

So all in all, well done Pedlars, I will be visiting again!


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