Miracles really do happen!

So today was it, D-Day, the day that the school places are advised and guess what, I am literally bouncing around like Tigger as by some complete miracle K got into school number…. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had pretty much written off any chance of us getting into our catchment school as those of you who have read my earlier post will have already seen, after all our neighbours son was 26th on the waiting list last year, it just goes to show that you never know.  So thank you to everyone who crossed their fingers for us – I am sure it helped!

Unfortunately it was not good news for everyone, some of our friends have been allocated their second or even third choice schools, with one in particular (the one that I loved but deliberately did not put on our form) not even taking all the children in catchment. And I really feel for them, as for us, for now, the stress is over, whilst for them it becomes a case of waiting lists and appeal processes 😦

Meanwhile in the Briggs household, it is a massive sense of relief, I can back into my comfort zone of planner extrodinaire and can stop stressing about how on earth we will make the new routine work thanks to the support of Aunties, Grandparents and friends.

Does anyone know the best place to buy school trousers????


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