The joy of turning 4

So this week sees my No1 child and only son K turn four.  Now firstly, 4, already, where on earth did that time go?? It feels like only yesterday that he made his unexpected and slightly traumatic arrival three weeks early, sending shockwaves through our lives and changing it so dramatically it quite frankly felt like we’d been hit by a truck!  In a good way of course!

Yesterday we were greeted with the same question we are every morning; What are we doing today Mummy?’ to which I gave my normal reply for a Tuesday, ‘Nursery School today poppet.’ (a name that was adopted to explain the transition from nursery to pre-school without a change of location), expecting the normal ‘okay’ in reply, but not today…

Today, K specifically remembered that Nursery School today, meant Nursery School tomorrow and then ‘…after that it is my 4th Birthday’.  It appears he is quite literally counting down the days!

For K his Birthday will pass in a whirlwind of trips to see the sharks, parties, Spiderman and Ben 10, whilst for us, as we try to make every Birthday as special as possible, we tie ourselves in knots to try and organise everything!

First there was the presents, now the current obsession is Ben 10, K knows, I think all there is to know about Ben 10 and certainly A LOT more than me, but I do know there are aliens and ultimate aliens, and we were given the specifics to this level of detail as to which of the many available he would like to add to his growing collection.  Follow, two of us, and an entire evening on Amazon trawling through various different sellers to find the exact aliens requested without paying out half our life savings in delivery costs.

Next is the Birthday treat to organise, making sure that both of our holiday bookings are in place for work, downloading 2 for 1 voucher, looking up train times, planning buses across London,… never mind the actual stress of spending the day there with one aged 4 and one aged 18 mths!  That still remains to be seen.

The party, read amusing 20ish 3 and 4 year olds for 2 hours in a big empty hall!  Plates, napkins, party food (well fish fingers and chicken nuggets at scale), practicing Spiderman face painting and printing out colouring sheets.  Not forgetting the party games… oh the games… the only thing between us and a bunch of grotty pre-schoolers as unfortunately they  have now outgrown the hall full of toys and amuse yourselves – let’s just hope that these will be up to scratch against the plethora of amusements and activities that the parties of the last and next few months have to offer.

And finally the cake, it is one promise to myself as a working Mum that my children will always have a homemade Birthday cake.  It was one of the many things that my Mum did for my sister and I growing up and the one that I am aiming to continue with my two.  This year’s request is Spiderman and after the 6 hours spent on last year’s Buzz Lightyear cake, I am hoping to keep it simple (famous last words).

I’ll see you on the other side…


3 thoughts on “The joy of turning 4

  1. Wow, makes me tired just reading it! Enjoy! I look forward to hearing about it on the other side of the weekend!

  2. I have a 4 year old and am also greatest with “what am I doing today?” on a daily basis. Am enjoying 4 but mourning loss of my baby for increasingly big independent boy. Am afraid I’ve banned Ben 10 while I still have the power. I don’t imagine that will be for much longer. Enjoy next year. Imagine school is on horizon. We are on similar journeys.

    • I wish I had the power to ban Ben10, unfortunately a bunch of boisterous boys at pre-school means all things boyish have made it into our house whether I like it or not!

      Funnily enough, today’s post is all about school being on the horizon, hope it’s not stressing you out as much as it is me 🙂

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