Posted in April 2012

Why you should all #blogitforbabies too

Never one to do anything half heartedly, I seem to have thrown myself into the deep end of the blogging world (well, sort of, ish), and so I find myself writing this post on #blogitforbabies Now, in case you’ve not yet come across #blogitforbabies, and I hope that some of you haven’t as to spread … Continue reading

The Gallery – Action

So this week’s theme for The Gallery is Action, and it turns out that despite the fact our house is quite filled with action (must be something to do with the Ben 10 obsessed 4 yr old and his sister who tags along for the ride) it’s quite difficult to find a decent photo for … Continue reading

A perfect package from Pedlars

Last week my goodies from @PedlarsWorld arrived and I thought I would share them with you and also an example of some fantastic customer service! I wasn’t aware of Pedlars until I read a blog post about them from the gorgeous @mummybarrow.  Having had a little nose around their website I soon realised that they … Continue reading

Miracles really do happen!

So today was it, D-Day, the day that the school places are advised and guess what, I am literally bouncing around like Tigger as by some complete miracle K got into school number…. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had pretty much written off any chance of us getting into our catchment school as those of you who have … Continue reading